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Stop Clogging Your Marketing Funnel With Useless “Filler” Pages!

Hey, you’re a business owner.

Not a marketing specialist…

You’re not steeped in sales psychology around the clock, and you don’t spend every waking hour considering where each piece of content you put online fits into the selling process. Heck, maybe you’ve never thought of a website as more than an online brochure.

So, when you sit down and decide which pages you need on your new website, it’s no surprise you get a little lost…

You take a quick look at what your competitors are doing and follow suit. You fill the holes by throwing up some pages about your company “philosophy” to give your audience an idea of what you represent.

Sound Familiar Yet?

Hey, I may understand it, but I’m not going to sit here and let you clutter up your online message with fluff…

Let me explain.

I was working with a client in the insurance space the other day, a fairly new company that knows enough about shaking things up to want to create web content that really speaks to their customers instead of over their heads (the way insurance companies usually do).

But when they sent over their site plan, a short list of primary pages, they’d reserved one full page to talk about “Values” and another to discuss the company’s “Commitment.”

This type of thing is very common in the corporate world…yes.

But it’s also a stark reminder of just how much a lack of marketing forethought can drag a website down.

What’s So Wrong With Discussing The Core Values of Your Company?

Let’s use your imagination for a moment.

Think back. To the last time you shopped for something online or Googled a company you wanted to work with…

Maybe you even had some extra time on your hands to shop around and really evaluate different competitors in the industry. So, if you really wanted to analyze the company’s deeper purpose, you had every chance to.

Even then, did you take the time to go read through their Values or Commitment?

Of course you didn’t.

Why not?

Because Intuitively, You Know This Stuff is Pure Fluff!

Yes, your values and commitment are highly-important.

Nobody wants to be another “me-too” company just selling just to sell.

But here’s where the “Values” and “Commitment” pages get off course.

These are meant to be exercises in thought, not marketing materials. They’re meant to serve as the driving force behind your marketing materials, and kept for the company’s reference.

And they should be woven throughout your marketing message instead of creating a page just for them.

It’s the “show don’t tell” philosophy of writing…Rather than just come out and tell them direct what you believe in, you need to find ways to express it in everything your company says and does.

Exception Alert:

I have seen companies use the “Values” concept well in some manner through their marketing materials, by telling a great story or getting really creative with their presentation. “Concept” restaurants are great at this, for example – you know, those places where you sit down to order and they’ve got this great quirky story written on the front of the menu…

But if you’re going to make it a big part of your branding, don’t hide it on some secondary filler page your customers don’t care about.

Put it right out in the front on your main landing page, right in their faces.

And make it a bold declaration that sets the stage and leads directly to the desired action at the end, whether that action is a sale, an email sign-up, or a subscription to your blog.

Or if you do want to go ahead and make a formal declaration on your site anyhow, put it all on one page; don’t create an entire page for “Vision,” another for “Commitment,” and another for “Values.”

Trust me, your readers do not care THAT much.

Better yet, combine them all together and throw them on a “Why Us” page, or into your “About” page, and use it to SELL!

But What About All The Other Companies Doing It?

You do this type of thing because you feel like you’re supposed to, right?

Or, you don’t know what else to write.

And, yeah, tons of companies do it…especially those big corporates who have a ton of “branding” money to flush down the drain. But you know what they say – when it comes to business and finances, one of the surest ways to get it wrong is to follow the crowd.

I mean, I could shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh well, it’s more work for me anyhow.”

But that would be irresponsible because…

Well, obviously, there’s a lot more going on in this web content misfire than wasting time and effort on a page no one will read. Here it is.

Unnecessary Content Leads To A Website That Is Fluffy, Scattered, And Ineffective.

Look, every component of your website is another curve in your marketing funnel.

With any page on your site, you must ask yourself this – does it serve an integral purpose to the buying process? If not, then why is it there? And is it possible it will subtract from the more important purposes of the site?

Try to get CONSCIOUS of how everything you say plays into your marketing message.

How it might distract…

How it might dilute the overriding goals…

Or how you can tweak it and get creative to turn into an integral selling tool on your site.

Create a “Vision” page, fine. But ask yourself, “Are the prospects reading it? That’s the only question that matters…

And turn it into something that works for you.

Because Every Page On Your Site Is a Selling Tool.

I’ve even heard it said that you should think of every blog post (wink, wink) as a mini sales page!

Even if all you’re doing is selling your readers on the authority you have in your field.

And, over time, enough of those subtle mini sales pages add up and drive that reader into your marketing funnel, and you get that purchase.

When this type of thinking about your web content “clicks” for you…

A website becomes so much more than a boring online brochure.

Combined with the right offer and the right exposure, it becomes a dynamic online asset. Constantly at work to bring in more conversions and profits while you focus on the business of doing business…

And doesn’t that sound more like it?

Want to Talk More About How You Can Send the Right Message With Your Website and Get Better Conversions Online? Get in touch and let’s discuss.

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