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Hey, Hey – Don’t Go Anywhere Yet! It’s Not What it Looks Like. . .


I know what you’re thinking…

Pretty pitiful state of a blog for a guy who creates “superior” content and helps people out with their marketing for a living. I’m well aware of how it looks.

But hear me out. Go back and take a second, closer look at that small sampling of blog articles on the home page. No, really – go do it.

Did you see that?

Yeah, that’s right; they were written back in 2012. In fact, I think I pasted them over from an old site I owned from a couple years prior, when I was just getting started in all this, so they may even be older than that…

And in the fast-changing world of the online markets, that’s a century ago.

What’s My Point?

My point is I haven’t been using my site as anything more than a portfolio.

Turns out there’s enough demand for freelancers that I never really needed to blog. Those articles haven’t even been live – I had them off the menu and on the back burner. They’ve been back there cookin’ for a while now.

And to be honest, they’re not all that good. The standards were a bit different in 2012, I guess.

I mean, they’re not horrible. Just nothing to “write” home about.

I only put them back up to see what my blog will look like when it’s overflowing with word salad.

And if you stick around, I’ll show you that I’ve got something a lot more rich and creamy where those came from…

The REAL POINT of all My Blabbing Is…

I’m finally here to do some blogging and show you what a writer’s site should really be made of. And even more importantly, to SHOW YOU WHAT YOUR SITE SHOULD BE MADE OF.

So I sat down and rethemed my lil’ property here last night (still in process) and am mapping out a content calendar to kick this platform’s butt in gear.

You don’t care about all that, though. You just care about building some great online communications.


Because the Best Part is, My New Articles Won’t Be Selling Anything.

They’ll be all about providing you with informative, engaging, instructive, and (yeah) entertaining breakdowns about how to start building an authority presence online.

You’ll learn some great copywriting strategies you can implement yourself – without me. You’ll learn how to put together a real deal content marketing strategy and plan to get going.

How to get at the heart of your market. How to break out of the idea that quantity of content was ever a good idea. And how turn your efforts into a goal-oriented marketing funnel (without it seeming like that’s what you’re doing).

If your frustrated or don’t know where to start, it’ll be just the thing you need.

And…All This Great Material Will Be Completely Free for the Reading.

Free as in really free. it won’t be hidden behind required email forms, and I won’t be annoying you with constant reminders of the services I offer.

Sure, I’ve got the in-your-face testimonials there on the side bar. And my trusty contact info for those who give a damn.

But let’s pretend they don’t exist, shall we?

For now, don’t judge my writing and marketing savvy yet just because my blog is dead.

The truth of the matter is…

It just came alive, Baby.

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