“We got….96 applications, 20 telephone consultations, 5 new customers, $80,000 in revenue. All from just one email to our client's list.


You are about to see your sales surge.

It's not sales copy; it's digging down deep. Telling the world what you do in a way that forges a genuine, lasting, even addictive connection. Whether growing an authority presence or charging forward for the hard sale, it's time to find your truth. And then you've got to make them feel it...

"I can only hope my competitors don’t get their hands on this guy...” - Allen Wu (Amazon, Efinancial)

Dear Business Owner,

Today I want to give you the chance to leverage proven insights in marketing and sales psychology to build relationships and convert prospects into paying customers faster and easier than ever before.

But first, I’ve got a few questions for you…

Does it ever feel like no matter how hard you work on a marketing campaign that you’re completely invisible?

Do you ever send out a sales letter to your audience and get dead silence in return? Or spend weeks or even months creating a new landing page only to watch qualified traffic bounce back like a crystal vase hurled at a brick wall?

Are you convinced your revenues would explode if only you could find a way to communicate the potential for your offer to transform lives or businesses?

Here's Exactly What You’re Doing Wrong…

The ONLY Question You Should Ask When You Sell Online Should Be, "How Can I Tap Into the Emotions of My Target Market?”

(And, yes, that even applies in B2B.)

Believe me...I’ve been selling my entire life...even as a 9-year-old hustler divvying up bags of candy and selling it to the other kids at school. I've run several businesses and worked with HUNDREDS of clients, even Fortune 500 companies, over the past 8 years to promote and sell via the internet…

And if you want to create written communications powerful enough to get people whipping out their credit cards, it’s a PROVEN FACT that first you need to peel open skulls and peek into the hearts and minds of the people you serve.

Because when you drill down to what makes them tick, they DROWN you with their attention:

  • They’’ll hang on to every word you say (and that's the ONLY way you’ll get a chance to close deals)…
  • They’ll leave raving testimonials and feedback (which can even be leveraged to increase conversions and lower marketing spend)…
  • They’ll email and call to THANK YOU for selling to them….
  • They’ll become loyal customers who buy and buy again (meaning higher lifetime value per customer)…

Maybe you’re already seeing this kind of response from your prospects, and if so, that’s awesome. I’d love to help you keep doing that.

But if this is all a foreign language to you…

I’m here to translate your good intentions into increased profits…

Today I’d Like to Extend the Opportunity to Sell More Product Using Timeless Copywriting Tactics.

Okay, who am I? 

Fair question.

I'm a freelance copywriter, blogger, and content marketer who provides premium content and marketing services to businesses that want to gain exposure, build authority, create relationships, and increase their profits online – whether through content marketing or direct-response copywriting.

In 8 years as a freelancer, I’ve written copy for Efinancial, Progressive Insurance, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna Global, Fidelity Investments, the American Lung Association, the ALS Association, Olofson Group, Kajabi, and many more...(Not to mention providing behind the scenes backup for many of the copywriting powerhouses and IM superstars you know by name).

Not only is the written word my sole business and career, but I teach other writers to build careers offering these services as well and they pay me $600 a month in coaching fees to do so. In this capacity alone, I've taught a small handful of young men to build and market successful small businesses online.

By the way, I sell that service to people I've never met using a sales page much like this one. That speaks volumes on its own. I've made a client $80,000 with a single email and given another a 300% return on everything he's sent my direction... 

But this isn’t really about me, is it?

What’s it’s really about is…


We get creative between the lines, we move product -


Listen, I used to believe in the "if you build it, they will come" approach too. Create something of value, put a pricetag on it, and the world beats a path to your door…right?

Unfortunately, progress isn’t built on good intentions alone. And we humans are funny creatures who make decisions based on our feelings and animal brains more than we do logic and reason.

Please don't stop creating high-quality products and services that actually offer VALUE (in fact, I insist you do if we’re going to work together). The world needs people like you!

But the dirty truth of selling is sometimes you need to tug the heartstrings to inspire action. And if what you want is truly an IMPROVEMENT in the lives of those you serve – a real solution to a real problem – doing that actually serves humanity.

I found out the hard way that SELLING IS A PROCESS.

So I started studying the marketing and direct response copywriting strategies of the greats – Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Eben Pagan, and Andre Chaperon, among others – and incorporating those lessons into my work. 

I became a student of sales writing psychology.

And if you’ve read this far into this sales letter here, well, you have to admit that the results speak for themselves...am I right?

What are Other Clients Saying About My Marketing and Copywriting Services?

"You're a mind magician!

Dwayne Gray, TestRun Online


Just let me know how I can be of service.


  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Video Sales Scripts
  • Email Swipes
  • Long Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Short-Form Sales Copy
  • Long-Form Sales Copy
  • Blogging
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Web/Blog Design
  • Adwords PPC
  • Brochure Writing...


I'd love to throw out some prices so you know if I’m within your budget – and so I can eliminate the tire kickers…

But I don't sell commodities. 

Because this is really about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. The truth is that every single client I work with is completely unique. And a lot of the value I add, especially outside traditional sales copy and sales letters, comes down to the conversations we have – on the phone, on Skype, via email, or even in person over coffee.

See, you’re caught up in the middle of your business, but having fresh eyeballs on your offers can:

  • Keep you from talking over your prospects' heads (EXTREMELY common, especially in high-tech or financial industries)...
  • Introduce new insights from a new background and fresh perspective...
  • Ask hard questions you’ve been avoiding for years...
  • Push you to take action and stop putting off marketing improvement for "later"…
  • Incorporate intentional online selling strategies and a broader plan for increased traffic and exposure...

James is an exceptional copywriter who pays the utmost attention to his work. He is a go-giver and really takes the time to understand his clients' clients before taking on any writing project. I would recommend him a thousand times if I could. He values his clients and provides an amazing result-driven service.

Allen Wu, Efinancial




How do you get started?

It's simple, really.

Just fill out my simple contact form. Tell me about your business, your current goals, and any projects you currently have on the table.

I'll get right back to you, and if you like, we can get on Skype or a good ole-fashioned phone call to iron out the details.


Prove My Skills Entirely At My Risk Or I Pay Your Money Back!

Can you think of any other professional service business that refunds all your money for work they’ve already done? Probably not...

But listen, I’m not here to take your money – I’m here to make you money. That’s why I’m willing to refund 100% of my payment within 30 days if you’re not happy with what I deliver.

That means you have NOTHING TO LOSE when you hire me to promote your business!


Believe it or not, even weak sales pages sometimes do an okay job of selling. And all it often takes is one single methodical tweak of a headline, hook, or call to action to RADICALLY increase conversions and you can recoup the investment you make in copywriting expertise…

So don’t wait until your competitors stumble across this page and get me working for them.

You know what to do next – email me to get started. And do it fast because my prices are currently reduced for my latest marketing push and you won’t be able to hire me at these rates for long…yes, I really do mean that.

I'm looking forward to our talk.


All the Best,

James Druman

P.S. My years studying and implementing copywriting strategies that convert have afforded me the ability to stay in business for nearly a decade now…I started at nothing and built this business while living on various tropical islands and in mountain cities around Asia. You may not have the same freewheeling lifestyle as I do, but how would your life change if we could make your business a LOT more profitable? Get in touch and let’s find out.

P.P.S. Look, I know these hard-pushing sales pages can feel a bit alienating sometimes. They work, but sometimes they’re a little saucy for a logical person like you or me. I haven't forgotten that you’re a real person over there, and I’m a real person too, just in case you’re wondering. So feel free to email me, connect with me on LinkedIn, or view my profile on Elance. Don’t hesitate to shoot a question any time!

"He ran with the information we gave him, made it flow, and appealed to our potential customers. I received a lot of positive feedback, and 3 new customers within the first 10 days of advertising our site using Facebook. I HIGHLY recommend James, and consider him a friend as well as the reason my business is getting new customers. Thanks James!”

Joseph Smith, Joseph H. Smith Landscaping Services